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The New Season is Underway

The chicks are coming! The chicks are coming!15 - 2-1

Main Street Project expressed these four words for the past few weeks until 6:20AM this past Friday morning, February 27, when the chicks arrived by flight. Javier, a previous graduate of the agriprenuer program, Joe Charlton, Main Street Project’s Farm Manager, and Bob Kell, Main Street Project’s Training Director met at the post office in Northfield, Minnesota to receive and take the chicks to the farm. Bob Kell describes the details, challenges, and successes of the day below.

15 - 6“Everything had been prepared, but the 15 below zero temperatures that morning put an extra challenge to it.  The coop was only at 40 degrees rather than the 85 we had planned on.  The chicks were okay below the heaters, but were reluctant to venture much beyond that.  We had to watch carefully for any chicks that seemed too cold and get them under the heat lamps, but that seemed to revive them quickly. We decided to get a propane heater to kick up the heat a bit and almost immediately the temperatures went up and the chicks got active, finding their way to the water and feed.  Javier and Joe watched the temperature carefully all weekend and went through a bit of propane, but the chicks are doing okay. The sun during the day warms the coop to 100 degrees, but it cools off rapidly once the sun goes down. The challenges of MN winters! This flock is 1500 Freedom Ranger birds.  After 3-4 weeks in the insulated coop area, they will be roaming in the solarium until the outdoor temperatures get more inviting. The season is underway.”

unnamed-5As Bob summarized, the season is now here before us. We have a great season to look forward to with more agriprenuer flocks being raised this year with the next flock coming April 24. Look for future updates and pictures throughout the season both on our website and throughout our Facebook. It will be another great year and another step closer to pursuing our mission to working towards a socially, economically, ecologically resilient food system.

15 - 12chicks

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