Main Street Project


Passing the Torch

Here at Main Street Project, we finalized our goodbyes to Bridget – the AmeriCorps VISTA that was with us for the past year. She was such a great asset to our team. She learned many things along the way and stuck through the excitement and challenges throughout her year at Main Street Project through AmeriCorps VISTA.

“I loved working with the community and families. Learning about Main Street Project’s theory of change and presenting that in Washington DC through the MSPHDS program put the strategy into a larger perspective on food systems change. All the conversations, the interviews, the conferences, the paddock management and organizational meetings throughout the year allowed me to expand my knowledge and hopefully I will apply that wherever I choose to go.”

Bridget will be attending graduate school at the University of Arizona through the College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture. We hope to see her come back and visit sometime in the future! We thank her for being a part of Main Street Project!

Although we had to say goodbye, we also have a new welcome!
Main Street Project welcomes Chrissy Gordy, the new AmeriCorps VISTA member. She was born and raised in Minnesota and just recently graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in Public Health Education and Promotion.  Bridget has passed the torch onto Chrissy as she will be continuing to develop and work on Main Street Project’s vision of building a resilient food system to revitalize rural communities and build access to education and business expertise. We welcome you aboard Chrissy!

Chrissy (left) and Bridget (right) passing the invisible torch of responsibility.

Chrissy (left) and Bridget (right) passing the invisible torch of responsibility.