Main Street Project


Northfield Dropsite on Sat., April 25!

In honor of Earth Day, Main Street Project wants to introduce you to its…
Natural, Delicious, Healthy, Local, Free-Range Chicken.


We are offering frozen, whole chickens at a SPECIAL
REDUCED PRICE of $10/Chicken or $100/Box of 10.

That’s a savings of up to $3 per bird!


Chickens will be prepared for pick-up on Saturday, April 25, 9-11 am at our
office located at 105 E. 4th St., Suite 213, Northfield (above National Bank).
Payment by cash or check made payable to: Main Street Farmers.

Take advantage of this special offer. We know if you try them, you will LOVE them.

For questions or to order, contact Bob Kell at or 507-786-9900.

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