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Next Stop … Mexico

San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato Mexico is becoming the next location to test our poultry-centered regenerative agriculture system. We are currently adapting our regenerative free-range egg production system design to semi-arid conditions in this region. New conditions call for larger paddocks, smaller  flocks etc.

The key characteristics of the region, including: small farmers owning an average of 4 acres of land; organizations already working with them and supporting their cooperating structures; established production of a diversity of small grains and other cultural conditions provides one of the most complete set of conditions for our systems work to take off.

villaorganicaVilla Organica farm  in San Miguel De Allende which will serve as the partner farm where we will prototype the model to meet the needs and conditions of this region. We will also establish a training center to provide technical assistance. Through this project, we continue to consolidate our key international partnership with the US-based Organic Consumer Association which runs the Villa Organica Farm.

We seek to build the capacity to impact larger market sectors, and to build a different platform for rural sustainable, resilient, food and agriculture-based economic development while bringing dignity and a sustainable system to the region’s farmers.  Key local partners came together today to plan the next phase of the project.

Our international work seeks to deploy our systems on sites where we can have a shorter-term larger-scale impact while we continue to build the US capacity. Each site informs and exchanges learnings with other prototypes.  Additionally, our work in Mexico directly affects our work with immigrant families in the US at multiple levels, especially since many of the families we work with have connections in Mexico.