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New Class of Agripreneurs Graduate from Main Street Project Training Program

Main Street Project ( announced today that on Saturday, December 5, six individuals graduated from its Agripreneur Program. This introductory program aims to develop a new generation of farmers trained in Main Street Project’s regenerative agriculture system. Read more »

The 11-week training program included four field training sessions and seven classroom sessions and provided an introduction to the Main Street Project system of regenerative agriculture as an alternative to conventional production. Trainees learned the protocols for free-range poultry production and paddock management as well as management systems for their operation. They also received small business management training through the exploration of concrete examples for managing operations, marketing, human resources, finances, and systems of support, and worked on writing their initial business plans.

Graduates of the program are eligible for participation in Main Street Project’s Incubator Program next season.  Three women from this year’s graduating class will work as a team to raise two flocks of 1000 birds next summer and fall, and a fourth trainee will be raising one or two flocks on a second farm.

“Participants in the Incubator Program have full ownership of their flock, while receiving operational and marketing support from Main Street Project,” said Bob Kell, training director at Main Street Project. “This gives these agripreneurs a chance to gain experience in caring for the flocks and in managing their own operation with the support of Main Street Project as they grow toward the launch of independent operations in the future.”

Main Street Project has developed this model to create an avenue into agricultural entrepreneurship for low-income immigrants via high-quality, sustainable agricultural production for local food markets. Its training programs do more than train farmers in agricultural methods and processes; they also train farmers in a system of small farm operations and provide them with the system and support infrastructure they need to deliver their products consistently and predictably across the diverse ecologies, markets and cultures.

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Main Street Project revitalizes communities by developing and rebuilding a full-circle, local food system that is resilient in the face of economic, ecological and social change. Main Street Project programs rebuild the local food system while moving underemployed residents to economic stability through small-farm ownership. For more information, visit