Main Street Project


Last Flock Has Headed for Processing

h3MuKA7HFzFi0oPI-Pg9-K4swleV8JmLzpBmryu3IBYJavier and Veronica started their journey with Main Street Project back in April as new participants in the Agripreneur Training Program.  They were hungry to learn and dedicated to their new endeavor to become producers of free-range chickens.  Since then, they have gone every morning at 6 AM and every evening at sundown to care for their flocks.

After learning with the training flock, they proceeded to help with Main Street Project’s research flock and then took on a 1000 bird flock of their own. On Tuesday evening, with new fallen snow on the ground and freezing temperatures on the way, they finish up the year, sending the last half of their flock to the processor.

veWWax6ZF4Mohu_af5_MOEgIN4jYDZML1ES3zuXHPtkLast week, the first half went in, 468 birds averaging 4.01 lbs packaged. With this last half, they will have enough to pay off their loan, pay themselves for their work, and take home a little extra in profit.  But more, they will take home a depth of experience and new knowledge that they plan to use.  While they will continue to produce in collaboration with Main Street Project for now, they ultimately hope to establish a chicken farm of their own.

Javier and Veronica have shared about why they were attracted to the idea of operating something of their own.  They have shared about their own dreams to raise natural chickens, to run a restaurant, to provide healthy food.  We have provided tools and passed on knowledge about a system, but it is their drive and their passion that will ultimately put quality food on others’ plates and provide a living for their family.  It will be exciting to see where the journey leads.