Main Street Project


Main Street Project – Founding Members of Regeneration International

RegenIntlMain Street Project is proud to participate as a founding member of Regeneration International, a new movement to build the agriculture systems of the future, capable of regenerating itself and ensuring healthy foods, healthy livelihoods for farmers and workers, ecological stewardship, and resilient, fair and equitable agriculture-based economies.

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroqin, Chief Operating Officer of Main Street Project, attendedĀ the Regeneration International Conference in Costa Rica on June 7-9th, 2015. “By bringing together farmers, researchers, activists and consumers we can create global awareness of the how regenerative agriculture can mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration, improve human and environmental health, and provide long-term agricultural productivity and resilience to smallholder family farmers.”

The Founding Members are focusing on the December 2015 Climate Change Summit in Paris.

Main Street Project is connecting our Poultry-Centered Regenerative Agriculture System to help create real solutions to the challengesĀ in front of us. Regeneration International is serving as the main organizing platform, connecting, integrating and advancing a new way of thinking about the role of people in a world where degenerative agriculture systems leaders are mis-guiding the conversation on climate change, using trick words and concepts like “sustainable intensification” and “conservation or no-till agriculture” to push chemicals, expand ownership and control structures and steal away the people’s conversation about true solutions.

Stay tuned and join us in advancing truly sustainable and regenerative agricultural solutions. Learn more here.